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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nanna Craft

Nan with her origami fabric flower

Close up of the detail in the fabric flower. It's perfect even thought it was made by aging hands!

It’s not often that both sets of grandparents’ are still alive and completely, “with-it” when you turn 29 (one set in their late 70’s and the other side 91!). I'm lucky enough to be in that situation and this weekend I spent time with with my mum's parents, Nan & Pop.

For as long as I can remember both of them have been making things with their hands. Growing up and living on farms conditioned them to be very resourceful and these skills have definitely stuck with them as they’ve aged. They both cook up a mean country meal with cakes baked using my great-grandparent’s recipes’ and pop is a natural craftsman with wood-turning.

Nan has been into needlecraft since before my mum was born. My school holidays were spent at their home with Nan teaching me an assortment of handcrafts - candlewicking, shadow embroidery, patchwork and dress making .I’m sure all were taught to keep me occupied and give her a little peace and quiet!

Yesterday, Nan showed me her current patchworking project, an origami patchwork wall hanging from, “Flower Origami” by Kumiko Sudo.

I fell in love with the perfectly folded fabric flowers and the contents from the Flower Origami book. It got me thinking about other applications for these little folded fabric flowers. Stitched together they’d make a beautiful cushion cover or add a pocket and it could be a purse. You could even string them together to make a garland decoration – possibilities are endless!

Nan was horrified when I told her I’d put these pictures on the blog but I think her skill is something to share – what do you think?

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