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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chanel inspired tunic

sketches of my chanel inspired tunic

My inspiration board: I love the brooch detail on the Oscar de la Renta dress (top left image)

I have a confession – I’ve jumped the gun with creating my winter wardrobe by purchasing fabric before I’ve finished designing! I knew it was going to end in $$ added to my credit card the moment I entered Tessuti's but the yummy Missoni fabrics and Fendi linings were too tempting to walk past (especially with a SALE sign out the front!)

the fabrics I bought...

From left: black/white wool (for a cape), terracotta cotton/stretch (for shorts), brown plaid wool stretch (for tunic), brown felt/cashmere (for coat), boucle (for tunic)

I had decided on the colours for my winter wardrobe, which helped me show a little restraint when choosing fabrics. I was able to cull my selection from 10 different wools, jerseys, cotton blends to 5 different types of fabric (are you proud of me Cade?)

I want to make a tunic for work, so the boucle (I think that’s the right word? Can anyone confirm what it’s called?) fabric in khaki’s, pink, brown etc. looked perfect. So hence, the drawing above of my Chanel inspired dress!

Vogue had a pattern sale on last week so I stocked up on 10 new designs. I bought pattern V8146 for the work tunic. I’m still undecided on whether I should make the matching jacket? What do you think? Is it too much for someone aged under 35?

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