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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colours for winter (continued)

Camel colour board for my winter wardrobe

Grey colour board for my winter wardrobe

To work out the colour combinations for my winter wardrobe, I’ve continued the colour mood board idea. This time, I looked at colours grey and camel and nominated seven matching colours that worked with each (and would suit my colouring).

Grey has been paired with denim blue, dark faun, black, ivory, khaki green, blush pink and mustard yellow.

Camel has been paired with black & white stripes, cream, olive green, burgundy, warm grey and denim blue.

Now that the colour boards are complete, I’ve decided to ONLY buy & make clothing items that match the following colours:

• Denim blue
• Khaki Green
• Burgundy
• Black (or black+white)
• Ivory
• Dark faun
• Blush pink
• Camel
• Grey
• Mustard yellow

This should result in a very functional winter wardrobe with lots of interchangeable outfits!

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