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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweet dreams

Since visiting Love Adorned in Nolita, NYC, I’ve been a little obsessed with dream catchers.

I love the sentiment behind the catcher, filled with elements from nature, intertwined around a circle to ensure only the sweetest dreams find us while we’re sleeping…..

I would like to make a dream catcher for my impending baby that will include pieces found from around his home – pieces of driftwood and shells from the beach, native grasses from the sand dunes and some feathers (if I can find any from the local birds). I’ll also need suede lacing, and a his birth stone to catch the sun (maybe aquamarine if he’s an Aries) .

I thought this would be a good substitute for a baby mobile to hang above this cot? It might help to ensure that his new life, outside of my belly, will be filled with lots of happy sleeps!

There's lots of images to inspire the design and this is one that I love from designer Hitomi Matarese.

Instructions can be found on google and I've saved this tutorial for my own reference.

I look forward to sharing my finished project with you soon!!


Feb 2012 - 30th bday and 29th week of pregnancy

It’s been a hectic 5 months since I last posted. I’ve had a trip to NYC, celebrated my 30th birthday and I’ve been incubating a little baby boy, who is due on the 19th April 2012. We are also moving house (at 30 weeks this isn’t an easy task!) so my sewing, crafting and general creative endeavours have been on the back-burner. All the while I've been thinking and planning my next creative projects and I thought it was about time to share some of those ideas with you.

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