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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

OK, so the forecast is for rain tomorrow which doesn’t exactly enthuse the majority of us!

So rather than retreat home after work tomorrow night I’ve found a list of the top 10 wine bars in Sydney to entice us out on the town!!

Writer Myffy Rigby from Time Out Sydney http://www.timeoutsydney.com.au/barspubs/sydneysbestbars/sydneys-top-ten-wine-bars.aspx uncorks Sydney’s best bars for ordering a bottle:

I’m keen to try the new Mille Vini (or Milli Vanilli as it's become popularly known in them 'Hills) - The dark moody rooms and a glass of Italian red sound very tempting!!

For full article visit http://www.timeoutsydney.com.au/barspubs/sydneysbestbars/sydneys-top-ten-wine-bars.aspx


  1. it's not a wine bar, but for something closer to your neck of the woods, have you been to Safety Wolf in Manly? Time Out's Small Bar of the Year.

    If you're heading to Surry, try Yulli.

    Jules Thomas

  2. Hey Jules!

    Thanks for the feedback – the Timeout website is a bit misleading!

    We have dropped into Safety Wolf a couple of times and really enjoyed the experience. Fantastic food and entertaining bar staff!

    The only downside is that the space has a pretty low capacity level – it would be great if they had a few more stools along that side wall for people who only want finger food.


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