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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Form or Function?

Gretha Ooost has blown the age-old argument about form and function out of the water (excuse the pun) with this fantastic invention.

The 321 Water (bottle) has been designed to provide consumers with a green alternative to bottled water.

118,000 plastic drink containers are manufactured each year in Australia and only 35% end up recycled. Water bottles are clogging up landfill sites and their manufacture and transportation is leaving a massive carbon footprint.

The 321 water filter works like a coffee plunger. You simply fill the container up from the tap, put the plunger in and push down until it reaches the bottom of the container. You are then able to drink your filtered water straight away or put the cap on and put it in your bag.

Unlike other filtered water bottles the 321 Water has the filter in the plunger so you can drink your water straight away and do not have to wait for it to filter.

321 Water holds just under 500ml.

All materials are recyclable and parts are replaceable extending the life of the bottle.

It is my understanding that the product is not yet available however I’m waiting for confirmation from the designer.

• 70% of the world is covered by water
• 97% is undrinkable seawater
• 2% is frozen in the ice caps
• Of the 1% that is left we can access less than one third
• Visualise the world’s water. Use it more consciously.



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