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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Limelight – Sanaz (Sanaz Designs)

I met Sanaz about 5 years ago and was immediately captivated by her vivacious personality.
Sanaz’s love of design and fashion has always been apparent so I was very excited when she made the jump and started her own label “Sanaz Designs”.

From humble beginnings as an accessory brand, Sanaz Designs has grown very quickly into a fully fledged fashion brand. Her range is sexy, comfortable and flattering and I am always greeted with lovely comments from complete strangers when I wear one of her designs.
Today, I’m giving you an insight into the girl behind the brand.

You've worked in fashion for a long time but what made you decide to start your own business?
I’ve worked in fashion for ten years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have always been passionate about fashion and can see the positive impact it can have on your self-esteem.

I have spent years styling people and helping them create feelings of amazement they didn’t even know they could feel about themselves through fashion.

So why did I start my own business you ask? Why not?! I can’t think of anything else that I could offer more passion and love toward. I now have the pleasure of creating beautiful pieces of fashion that transform women from the mundane into the new and exciting.

Fashion is fickle, how do you decide on a new range?
Fashion is fickle and I don’t always conform to all of it’s dos, don’ts, trends, or colours. I find my inspiration through women, life, love, culture and art. Then take the time to meticulously interpret what I hold to be beautiful and elegant, in the most practical and yet luxurious ways.

Fashion may be fickle, but beauty and elegance never fades.

What would you like your customers to gain from your designs?
I’d like my customers to gain a slice of seamlessly stitched elegance and beauty, which acts like a key unlocking their inner potential.

A piece of fashion they can treasure through the times like a dear friend who has shared with them many special moments, but has yet many more to come.

Hot pick for Summer?

My hot pick for the summer has to be the Bella Dress….
If this dress could talk, everyone captivated by it would hear sexy, flirty, feminine and exotic sweet nothings gently wrapped up into warm air caressing their ears, brightening their eyes and leaving its image behind long after you’re gone.
Now that’s hot!

Where can we find you?
Rocks Moonlight Market, Paddington Market, Manly Steyne Markets, Manly Market.
Events: Fashion Weekend, Nov 12-15th.
Store Stockists: Belinda’s Store, Yamba, Blossum & Co, Grafton - Cauchois & Calo, Collaroy – Cauchois & Calo, Mosman - Dea Lopes, Mosman - Emporium Bellingen, Bellingen – Hawks General Store, Orange – Mary & Me, Dubbo – Saliba, Dee Why - Savvi Galleri, Coffs Harbour – Surreal Life, Manly – The Boutique, Kempsy – The Boutique, Taree.
Price range of items?
Prices ranges from $55 for an antique brass cage pendant to $399 for a lace evening dress.

Your favourite retail therapy is?
What isn’t my favourite form of retail therapy?

I have to confess that I love retail therapy in all its forms. Fashion, shoes, jewellery, bags, accessories, cosmetics, décor and well even food. I am a consumer in every sense of the word, however I would rather buy one magnificently, beautiful, quality item of great grandeur than ten lesser quality items to the same value.

It goes with out saying that I love nothing more than fashion therapy! I particularly love pristine kept vintage, one off pieces, all things unique, individual, heart felt and of course items which are beautifully crafted with the utmost quality.…

I love treasure hunting and this for me is very therapeutic!

If you’re inspired by Sanaz’s work, support her by visiting one of her retail outlets. If you want more information on Sanaz Designs visit http://www.sanaz.com.au/ or join her
facebook fan page

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