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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daul a Beauty

* I've just found out (21st November 09) that Daul Kim took her own life today. May she continue to light up the heavens like she did the camera. ox

I was perusing the November/December 09 issue of RUSH when I was blown away by a photo shoot with Singapore born model Daul Kim.

Daul Kim was definitely tapped on the head by the beauty wand when she was born. A stunning and engaging model with an ability to envelope the camera with her quirky charisma.

The photo shoot is a brilliant example of how magic can be created when a talented photographer, model and stylist work in harmony. Credit definitely needs to go to Beau Grealy (photography) and Stevie Dance (Fashion Editor).

The November/December issue of RUSH is still on the stands and I’d highly recommend grabbing a copy to view the full photo shoot with Daul Kim.

All images from Rush magazine. See more details http://russhmagazine.com/russh/home.html

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