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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upcoming Exhibition

I’m going to declare my vested interest in this blog up front - one of the exhibitors is my husband Cade who (by my own admission), is a very talented photographic artist!

In February 2010, Cade and 3 fellow artists are opening the “Immerse” exhibition in the artisan hub, Danks Street, Waterloo.

Cade will have 7 new photographic works for sale, all with his signature impressionistic style – a focus on light, movement and angles.

Cade has been exploring this style in great detail for about a year and a detailed article about his journey can be found at http://www.cadeturner.com.au/news.php by scrolling down the page and clicking the image next to “impressed with impressionism”. – It is well worth a read.

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