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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Summer holidays are ....

I love summer holidays. Nothing beats warm water, sun kissed skin, yummy fruits and total relaxation. It’s like a good chocolate; it fills you with enjoyment as you savor it for as long as possible. My husband and I do the same road trip every year…. Camping in Byron Bay, then a luxury apartment in Noosa by the water… this is thinking time for both of us. We spend hours talking about the future and our projects for the coming year. I’ve already spent time thinking about this blog and I have some exciting ideas for 2010.

I also wanted to ask for your input – what do you like, what you want to see, ask me any questions. I’d also love to make my Friday limelight a weekly feature so if you know of any talented minxes who own their own design store, or make their own product or who are just insanely creative please dob them in and I’ll line them up for an interview!

Wishing all of you a sensationally happy and enjoyable new year and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and finds with you in 2010.

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