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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Luxe Christmas Crackers

I’m currently on the prowl for some Christmas decorating ideas for table settings. One “must have” item is the humble Christmas Cracker. Whilst I love the cheesy jokes, the little plastic toy inevitably ends up in the bin which is a complete waste and not good for the environment. So, I’ve decided to attempt making my own this year!

I found Mecca Cosmetica’s Limited Edition Lips Bon-Bon, which are a fabulous luxe version for lunch with the girls, however this year they are a little out of my price range at $26 each.

So I’m going to take some “inspiration” from the luxe Christmas cracker concept, head down to spotlight and buy some cardboard, snappers, ribbon and either use up some beautiful Japanese paper (that I’ve been saving for the “perfect occasion”) or I’m thinking of heading to the local Vinnies/Salvo’s (thrift shop) and sourcing some beautiful old silk scarves that could be used to cover the cracker and then double as a decorative scarf (for their handbag, headband or neck). I've got a budget of $10 per Cracker and I think I can do it!

To fill the crackers I’m going to grab a hot shade of nail polish (from somewhere like dotti or sporsgirl where you can pick them up for around $5-$8) and add one of the jokes from my dad’s collection (100% guaranteed to be cheesy!). If you wanted to spend a little more you could put in a perfume miniature but they cost about $20 each.

I’ve set this as a project for this weekend so I’ll post some photos when they’re completed!

(Bon Bon kits can be purchased cheap [$2+] from craft stores or some bargain stores)

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