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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Save Money and the environment

Back in July I wrote a blog on Gretha Ooost and her fabulous invention, 321 Water that won the People’s Choice Award on the ABC TV’s New Inventors. At the time of writing the product was not available.

Today I bring you some great news! It is now possible to pre-order one of the first 321 Water to come off the production line by clicking on http://www.321-water.com/.

For $32.10 you can pre-order a limited edition 321 Water which will be delivered to you around March 2010. By placing your order today you can help make 321 Water a reality by becoming one of 9,999 (was 10,000 but I just pre-ordered mine!) people needed to start the production process now.

Until recently I was spending $2 x 5 days a week on bottled water, costing me over $500 a year and contributing 260 plastic bottles a year to landfill. I'm looking forward to Gretha's invention to help me reduce my impact on the environment.

Water bottles are clogging up landfill sites and their manufacture and transportation is leaving a massive carbon footprint. It takes at least 3 litres of water to make 1 litre of bottled water!

321 Water is the most stylish way to play an active part in reducing the environmental impact of bottled water. This beautifully designed, re-usable water bottle has a unique plunger mechanism so you can fill it from any tap to produce fresh, filtered water. Now you can choose to never buy bottled water again.

Unlike other filtered water bottles the 321 Water has the filter in the plunger so you can drink your water straight away and do not have to wait for it to filter.

321 Water holds just under 500ml and all materials are recyclable and parts are replaceable extending the life of the bottle.

Pre-order your 321 Water today and be one of the first to own this beautiful invention.

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