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Monday, August 31, 2009

Master Chef

In my experience the motivation to cook a tasty meal doesn’t always come from fresh ingredients or a delectable recipe. Instead, a meal can be born from a beautifully crafted inanimate object that gives you the confidence to create something special.

Take tonight for an example…. Pondering what to cook I was found staring blankly at an open fridge for minutes on end. I then opened and shut the pantry door about 10 times in the hope some yummy ingredients would jump out and cook themselves.

And then an “aha” moment. Perched on my kitchen bench was my new stone mortar and pestle. It’s cool grey tones and solid stone structure were too beautiful to overlook so a meal was born. Bruising Cardamom seeds with Turmeric, Cumin and Coriander I had the perfect base for a curry.

So, to help create your next meal I have sourced a range of interesting, unique and well-designed kitchen objects that would inspire the inner chef in all of us!

Bowlboard - Kain Lucas for Ute Australian Design - $78
I would love this bowlboard.... I'm a organised cook and like a bowl for everything I cut up!

Joseph joseph index board - $98
I'm jealous of my best friends who has this board set. A designated board for chicken, veggies etc

joseph joseph nest bowls - $112.50
How retro cool... everyday essentials all in the one stack! Large mixing bowl, colander, sieve, small mixing bowl, 4 measuring cups

eva solo microfibre dishcloths - $65
For those of us who are slightly obsessive/compulsive here's a dishcloth that's worthy to put on show

eva solo garlic press - $135
A work of art!

eva solo knife magnets (set of 4) - $140
Like a sculpture in your kitchen

meeting bedded knife set - $1210
Ok, so this set is a little out of my price range but window shopping doesn't cost anything.

self watering planters - $60-70
I love the idea of ingredients growing in your kitchen. You can't get any fresher!

Stainless Steel Cookware – from $199
Good food come from good cookwear and who could pass these stackable design

Apron + Oven Mitt - $44.90

The BIGGER Glass Drying Mat
Funky spotless drying!

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  1. I always love your suggestions and I've to confess I'm fan of almost all Eva Solo products.
    I've found all eva solo product range here at a very good prices.


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