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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Handmade Leather Jacket... by me!

the finished product!

My leather jacket is finally finished after months of pattern making, adjusting, cutting, sewing and finishing.

It’s been a great adventure. Leather is beautiful to work with… a nice change from the slippery slide sewing of silk or nylon. Leather stays put and doesn’t require the finer finishes of softer or sheer fabrics.

I used a combination of patterns for this design. Starting with inspiration from this Muubaa waterfall jacket mink. I then used McCall’s pattern M5937 to give me a basic shape. I incorporated a block pattern I’ve made previously to give me a close fitting sleeve and made many adjustments on the dummy to get the lines I wanted. It’s lined in a matching colour and facing was done in the same leather as the front.

Leather was sourced from NSW leather Co. and I needed about 5 skins to complete the jacket, costing about $120 AUD.

I think I’d change the collar if I re-made it, but for the moment I’m content with wearing it the way that it’s turned out.


jacket in detail


  1. funny that you want to change the collar if you remade it - that's my favourite bit!!!


  2. Thanks Kylie! I'm going to add a buckle to the wrap so that it secures to the side of the jacket. At the moment I'm using press studs which natural pop open every time I swing my arms around..... !! It was all I had a home when I was trying to finish the jacket..... I always rush the end of the project!!


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