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Monday, October 22, 2012

Repurposed Formula Tin Can

 The finished product! My formula tin can conversion 

At the moment my little man is chowing through 2 formula tins a week, leaving us with a mountain of tin cans for the recycling man.

A friend suggested the can conversions featured on Pinterest so I did some pinning and decided to give the tin -> vase conversion a crack.

I’m using the Nestle Nan HA tins, which are gold in colour and were a little difficult to cover. I ended up using 3 coats of a metal primer, then applying 5 coats of a gloss white. It was probably overkill but I didn’t want any of the print from the original can showing through.

The can will eventually rust through if you put the water straight in, so you could inserted a glass jar to hold the water.

If you’ve got some examples of this type of a tin can conversion please share! I’ve got a stack more tins waiting for repurposing.

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