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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cookies in a Mason Jar

Nesting has started, with just over 3 weeks to go until our little man is cooked! I’m not much of a baker, however given my motivation for domestic duties I thought I’d try out the Mason Jar Cookie Company’s mix that I got for Christmas.

My sister-in-law is living in New York and personalized a few of the cookie mixes for Christmas presents. It's a start up company based on an old tradition of gifting recipes in a jar. You order online, starting off with a cookie base, then you can get creative by adding in ingredients like Oreo’s, peanut butter chips, M&M’s etc etc (all very American cookie treats). At the end you can customize your cookies by giving them a name, and then adding a personalised note on the jar.

My “Kell’s NYC Cookies” used the oatmeal cookie base, and had rice bubbles, almonds and coconut added.

Instructions were a little different to how you’d normally make biscuits here in Oz, however they turned out great and my trusty taste tester went back for seconds….. I have to admit I just downed another “for the baby”.

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