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Sunday, May 16, 2010

DIY Wedding Flowers

Left bouquet includes roses & deciduous foliage, Right bouquet includes Alstromeria & roses

I love the thrill of a creative challenge so when a good friend asked me to do the flowers for her wedding I jumped at the opportunity. I knew that I would be getting in a little over my head as I have no experience in wedding flowers but thanks to You Tube I think I pulled it off.

The bride’s background is Burmese and Indian so the flowers needed to be rich with colour and match a white wedding dress, red sari, a blue bridesmaid’s dress and a burgundy groom’s tie.

We decided on the colour theme and organized a trip to the flower markets to do a trial.

Colour theme included gold, apricot, burgundy, aqua, peach, red

I kept the designs very simple to ensure no hiccups and the final bridal bouquet included: Cherry Brandy roses with deciduous foliage (not sure what it’s called).

The bridesmaid’s bouquet included: Cherry Brandy rose, David Austin rose & Alstromeria

The button holes included: Vanda Mokara Orchid or Rose, Camellia Foliage & Dodda vine.

It was a lot of fun putting together the arrangements and I learnt a few things about floristry in the process.

The wedding was last night and it was a truly beautiful event.

The You Tube videos that helped me with the bouquet and button holes are listed below:

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