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Friday, October 16, 2009

Limelight – Takeshi Okada (Takessuy)

I met Japanese jewellery designer Takeshi at Glebe Markets in Sydney. I was immediately drawn to his delicate, feminine designs and the incredible detail in his work. I am very excited to profile him for Limelight:

1) You studied clothing design – why did you start working with accessories?
My friend introduced me to an American jeweller when I was living in New York, and one day she taught me a few techniques in making earrings. When I finished making my first earrings and took a look at them, it was then that I decided to go full-time into the world of costume jewellery.

I (also) love anything to do with women's clothing - including shoes and bags .... and i love go to shopping with my female friends ... and love seeing beautiful things in stores that are like seeing a dream. Especially I love looking into the glass jewellery cases in the stores because they are always sparkling and shinning bathed in the perfect lighting. It's always been jewellery that has excited me and has me absorbed.

2) You were born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. How has your culture influenced your designs?
Japanese culture has always influences the high quality and delicate detail in my work.

3) You’ve spent time in different cities around the world, how are Australian women different?
Outside of Tokyo, I have spent time living in Paris, New York and now Sydney. I have also been lucky to travel to many countries in Europe and Asia. Australian women are different to other places in their love of relaxed, sporty and natural wear. I think it is the natural beauty of Australia that surrounds them that has such a positive influence on their style.

4) What has inspired your current collection and what materials are you using?
My current collection is inspired by Fairy Tales - things like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella .... but I'm live in Bondi Beach so it's also a fusion of sun and sea and diverse cultures, not forgetting an adorable splash of the femininity.

I use all natural materials - such as chrystophrase, aquamarine, blue sapphires, rubies, emeralds, natural pearls. All my findings are of the highest quality wires - 14k gold and sterling silver.

5) Price range of items?
Prices are very attractive at $30 each or two for $50, so that they are affordable to young ladies who look for elegance and fashion.

6) Where can we find you?
Surry Hills Market on 1st Saturday of the Month, and Glebe Markets each Saturday the rest of the Month. Also, available in-store at Sarah-Jane in Newtown.

7) Your favourite coffee shop?
I love to the coffee and food from Cafe Rolling Stones (67 Glebe Point Rd) opposite the Glebe Markets. The staff are super friendly, and best of all everything tastes great!

For more information on Takessuy and designs by Takeshi please visit his website http://www.takessuy.com/.

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